Hey all,

I’m doing a new thing! I joined Dropbox recently to lead their NYC site, and their teams focused on Sync, Mobile, and the Personal use cases.

Dropbox is going hard after solving the problems that make knowledge working such a thrash and burnout prone experience, dominated with the work about work. I can relate to that at a deeply personal level.

But as a paying Dropbox customer for over a decade, I also want to know that Dropbox is continuing to build something useful and delightful for me to stay organized and on top of my personal explosion of digital stuff. That is what I’ve been asked to focus on. (“Stuff” is the technical term by the way)

And I believe that Dropbox, a company built around trust, kindness, a straightforward business model and hardcore technical feats is the kind of company that benefits the New York tech community, and I’m excited to support that.

I’m building teams in Seattle, San Francisco, and of course New York. Get in touch!

Oh. And my team, launched a thing today, Transfer.

And now it’s hack week, so I’ve got things to do! Talk to you soon.