I’m Kellan. I made my first website in 1994. This is the lightly updated version.

I think a lot about software and leading engineering teams, complex systems, and engineering capacity for social change. Lately I’m thinking more climate change and healthcare.

I’m also coaching a handful of organizations who want more effective and higher impact engineering organizations.

Any of those topics interest you? Get in touch.

Recent notes on engineering leadership:

More notes on engineering leadership

A bit more about me:

Some people like talks I’ve given. Here is one on building learning cultures, and another on supporting women in engineering.

I’ve been blogging at Laughing Meme since 2002, though not much these days.

I’ve been pretty active on Twitter as @kellan for a while now (#47). Yes, I love it and hate it as much as you do.

I’m on LinkedIn: Kellan Elliott-McCrea, but the abridged version is:


  • Coaching executive leadership in technology startups for high impact. Building a technology leadership ecosystem centered on New York.

  • Thinking about what comes next.


  • VPE of Dropbox. Transforming the iconic startup into a product development powerhouse.

  • SVP of Blink Health. Working to fix the affordability and accessibility of prescription medication in the US by overhauling the supply chain. Lead engineering, product and design.

  • CTO of Etsy. Built and led Etsy’s famously generative and human centered engineering organization through IPO.

  • Architect of Flickr (Yahoo). Social media doesn’t have to be an exploitative hell hole.

My GitHub isn’t very interesting, but if you’re a web developer of a certain age, you can walk down memory lane with MagpieRSS. If that doesn’t produce enough (deeply ambivalent) nostalgia, you could always revisit the Oauth spec I helped author.